DVD/Blu-ray Combo-Pack

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Front Cover.jpg

DVD/Blu-ray Combo-Pack


This is a signed, limited edition DVD/Blu-ray combo-pack. It has 2 discs. Both discs have the movie and all the special features! All discs are playable in all regions.

Disc 1: Blu-ray

Disc 2: DVD - double-sided (Side: 1 NTSC/Side 2: PAL)

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1. Behind-the-Scenes video

2. Easter Eggs

3. Feature-length Writer’s Commentary

4. Feature-length Director’s Commentary

5. All Discs are Playable in All Regions

6. Subtitles in 9 Languages

      a. Arabic

      b. Mandarin

      c. English

      d. German

      e. Greek

      f. Hindi

      g. Japanese

      h. Portuguese

      i. Spanish