Moving ALGORITHM from YouTube to Amazon

    I’m taking ALGORITHM off YouTube and I’ve signed a non-exclusive digital distribution contract with Amazon Prime.
    ALGORITHM has done amazingly well on YouTube. I posted it on December 7, 2014 and since then it’s been seen 11.5 million times, in every country in the world, and been translated into 19 languages. It’s got an approval rating of nearly 90%. The ad revenue on YouTube has made ALGORITHM more than profitable.
    But, in the spring of 2017, YouTube changed their policy: any video that isn’t appropriate for all ages can no longer be monetized and ALGORITHM is unambiguously rate R. ALGORITHM’s monthly grosses dropped from nearly $1,000 down to $10. That $10 comes from YouTube putting ALGORITHM on YouTube Red’s recommended videos home page. But, $10 a month is not sustainable. That policy change means YouTube is an unreliable income source for independent filmmakers like me, who create stories often involving aspects children shouldn’t see.
    A month ago Amazon changed their royalty rates. I did a quick calculation: if ALGORITHM were on Amazon instead of YouTube, getting the same traffic (about 24 thousand hours of viewing a month), it’d be making more a month than it ever did on YouTube!
    For that reason, I’m taking ALGORITHM off YouTube on Friday, March 16, 2018. On the following Wednesday, March 21, 2018, it will go live on Amazon Prime. The non-exclusive digital distribution contract with Amazon means ALGORITHM will be hosted on more and more services as time goes by.