On December 7, 2014, I posted ALGORITHM on YouTube. Without any paid promotion, it’s been seen nearly 10 million times. 
    Since ALGORITHM’s release, I’ve been working my next project, a show called Intelligent Design. It’s a show about sci-fi and spies, which is the website. www.SciFiandSpies.com.
     I’ve chosen to crowdfund the entire budget of $33 million, in a single campaign.   The campaign will launch on July 4, 2017. The only website you need to remember is www.SciFiandSpies.com
    With ALGORITHM we did the impossible. On July 4, let's do it again!

If you're interest in how I came up with Intelligent Design, I've started a weekly behind-the-scenes series that will continue until the beginning of the crowdfunding campaign. Here: 

Part 1: The Plot and Title.
Part 2: Let's Heal the World