LOGLINE: After a catastrophic drought, the United States federal government abandons everything west of the Rocky Mountains. Some choose to stay behind, trying to eek out a life in the wasteland.

STATUS: This is roughly outlined. This project is currently on-hold.

PLOT SUMMARY: Jezebel was raised in Los Angeles, surrounded by gangs. After California is abandon by the government, Jezebel chooses to stay behind as a way to escape the gangs. But the harshness of what remains changes her in ways she could never have expected.

MOTIVATION: Why do things decay? Why would people chose to live in such decay? This brings up a lot of really interesting questions that I also want to explore.

What keeps people going in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds? Are they just driven like me? Surely everyone can’t be like that. What about those other people? Why do they keep going? What are they willing to do to defeat those odds? What kind of morality emerges from such a situation?

A subset of that last question, for me, leads to a cultural exploration of the nature of systematic disenfranchisement. Why do the poor live and act the way they do? Are gangs a social security mechanism that naturally arises simply for survival purposes? What differentiates the morality of gangs Vs. governments? How are gangs like tribes? And if they are like tribes, is it simply the size of the group that defines its moral justification? If so, what’s that say about the way we do life?