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With each of their execution dates approaching, three women on death row volunteer for a study on deviance. One by one, they fall in love as they revisit their violent pasts.

Josh and Novak are developing the next generation of artificial intelligence surveillance for the U.S. government. Josh, discovers a flaw in the A.I. where it misidentifies crimes. Josh believes humans and A.I. think in the same ways so he conducts a study of convicted criminals to find the source of deviance in the hopes that he can retrain his A.I. Knowing Josh’s system is superior, Novak hires a former C.I.A. jackal to stop or kill Josh.

BIASED is a five episode limited series. Each episode will be between 60-90 minutes long, for a total series runtime between 300-450 minutes. This is designed to be a complete story, with a beginning, middle, and definite end. Spinoffs are possible, and in fact we intend to create them, but BIASED will only be six episodes.

Episode 1 explores the conclusions of the biases held by each of the major characters. The next 3 episodes focus on each of three women on death row, how and why they came to do what they’ve done. And episode the final episode resolves most of the conflicts established in the series with a satisfying conclusion for each character!

Jon Schiefer’s first released feature-length movie ALGORITHM was posted on YouTube and seen by more than 11 million people around the world and recouped its budget. It’s often called “the best hacker movie ever made,” and it changed the genre forever.

There’s a lot of innovations with BIASED, from the script all the way through distribution.

THE SCRIPT deals with technology and social justice, where they intersect, and what that says about society. And, the cast will be diverse, accurately showing the diversity of real life. Enough famous people will be cast to facilitate equitable distribution deals.

PRODUCTION is about getting the highest production value as efficiently as possible. The innovation here is about pay equity: by paying everyone a flat day-rate dictated by the most demanding union, the cost of production drops and the quality goes up. On top of that, all of the cast and crew will participate in back-end!

BIASED has a preliminary budget of $18 million. This includes all stages of production, but not distribution, promotion, or advertising (which, ideally, would be done by the network distributing the show).