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LOGLINE: An AI researcher marries three women on death row.

STATUS: This is currently in pre-production, raising financing.

PLOT SUMMARY: Three women on death row for multiple violent murders wrestle with their mortality and the meaning of their lives. When they meet an A.I. researcher conducting case-studies on them they fall in love and marry him.

MOTIVATION: This is an exploration of the place of deviance in society. Sometimes, deviance is innovations, like Steve Jobs, Pixar, Elon Musk, etc. Other times, it’s the cartels of Central and South America, or murders. When do the actions someone commits warrant them being quarantined, and what does quarantining them do to the rest of society? Does our “othering” certain people limit our capacity for empathy in general? And what happens when we see that the “others” we’ve quarantined are of equal value to the rest of us?