With each of their execution dates approaching, three women on death row volunteer for a study on deviance. One by one, they revisit their violent pasts.

At 17 years old, Rosa murdered seven teenage boys. At 22 years old, Shay murdered eight police officers. At 29 years old, Sonia murdered an entire family, all 37 members. Genocide. They’ve spent the last fifteen years in solitary confinement and no one on the outside has asked why they did it. Until now. This is their story.
One by one, each of them volunteers to take place in a study at the prison, explaining why they did what they did, how they feel about it, and who they’ve become since their violent actions.

DEATH ROW GIGOLO is a feature-length movie with a runtime of about 2 hours. Based on the subject matter, it will definitely be rated R.

Jon Schiefer’s first released feature-length movie ALGORITHM was posted on YouTube and seen by more than 11 million people around the world and recouped its budget. It’s often called “the best hacker movie ever made,” and it changed the genre forever.

DEATH ROW GIGOLO has a preliminary budget of $10 million. This includes all stages of production, but not distribution, promotion, or advertising (which, ideally, would be done by the network distributing the show).