On The Title "Intelligent Design"


    The campaign for www.SciFiandSpies.com has stalled. The question is, why? It's also not about getting people to the site. It's that the people who come to the site aren't contributing. Is it on my end, meaning the layout and look of the campaign? Is the pitch video not compelling enough? Is the layout on the first page not clear enough or compelling enough?
     I asked. It’s not those things.

There are two main issues:
1. People have trouble wrapping their minds around a realistic budget: $33 million is a realistic budget.
2. People have issues with the title “Intelligent Design” which in our current society, refers to a worldview of the universe as created by a “divine” intelligence, often in contrasted with our current view of science and evolutionary theory.

    I’ve addressed the prior in three essays (each of which is in the FAQ of the campaign). So, I’m going to deal with the latter.
     It is impossible to have a realistic conversation about human nature, of the various cultures of the world and the specific people in it, without addressing their belief structures and how those beliefs affect their actions. And that MUST include a conversation about religion. And it must include a conversation about science.
     I’m going to make this unambiguously clear: the title of the series “Intelligent Design” IS NOT a direct reference to that world view!
     Intelligent Design is more about the structure of our intelligence, the way we see the world. It could easily be called “Design Intelligence”. It’s also about being intentional about what we do and how what we do affects our future and the rest of humanity.
     Beyond that, I liked the initials of the show: “ID” Id is what Sigmund Freud called the aspect of our minds that we’re not aware of. Carl Jung called Id a subconscious, which is a more clear term since it seems to be below our conscious mind, yet foundational to our motives.
     So, if the title “Intelligent Design” let me assure you, it’s not about what you fear. It’s about us.