Why There's Only 1 Perk

    My primary goal with www.SciFiandSpies.com is to give as many people as much information and power as possible so that any of us can change the world for the better. Part of that means bringing power away from the rich (read: ultra-high-net-worth individuals) and giving it to everyone.
    It would be totally hypocritical of me to give rich people more access to www.SciFiandSpies.com than I give to people who don't have money. Perks are access: to things, to the creators, to the set, to special screenings, etc. With www.SciFiandSpies.com, everyone has equal access to everything!
    This isn’t socialism, because the things I’m giving away aren’t limited in their supply. Socialism and Communism are financial models built on limited supplies of resources. With www.SciFiandSpies.com everyone has abundance! And one person having access doesn’t limit someone else’s ability to also have access.
    But, there's more: I also feel that this has the potential to embolden people to believe that things they thought were impossible are not only possible, but that they've done it. And, once they've done it once, they'll know they can do it again. People who join have a higher potential to become activists in other parts of their lives. And that’s a really good thing!
    There’s a belief among many that the people with money are the people with power. But, the truth is, money only has power as long as we believe it does and act accordingly. The moment we realize that together, in large groups, we get to determine what the world looks like, that power structure gets flipped on its head and the people have the power again.
    That’s what democracy is designed to do, to empower the people to form a more just government that facilitates their life, liberty, and their pursuit of happiness on equal footing with everyone else. That’s why I’m running www.SciFiandSpies.com as a crowdfunding campaign. That’s why there’s only one perk.