IDShow BTS- 02: Let's Heal the World

    There is a cancer infecting the world right now. And, unless it’s stopped, it’s going to kill us. Like most cancers, we didn’t see it coming when it started and in our neglect it’s spread. Now that we see it, we either treat with it or we die.
    The cancer is fear.
    The cancer is despair.
    The symptom is the United Kingdom leaving the European Union in an event now known as Brexit. The symptom is Donald Trump as President of the United States. The symptom is ISIS, Erdogan, the economic collapse of Venezuela and Brazil, France considering leaving the E.U., and more.
    Brexit, Trump, ISIS, those are what happen when we allow fear to take over our minds contaminate our hearts. They come, promising security, if only we submit to the fear and vote against what is clearly a better decision. They represent giant leaps backwards, negating much of the social progress that allows for freedom and technological development.
    We’re afraid of losing our jobs, our homes, our closely held religious or scientific truths. And that fear has made us desperate–like the mafia bosses in the movie The Dark Knight, Alfred says, “You’ve made them desperate, and in their desperation they turned to a man they did not fully understand.”
    The root word behind desperate is despair. And despair comes when we believe our fears have been made real.
    Maybe you were afraid of losing your house because of what happened in the 2008 economic collapse as big banks looted the planet. And in your fear, in your panic, you turned to a real estate mogul?
    That makes no sense!
    And of course it wouldn’t.
    When we’re afraid a chemical is sent to our frontal lobe, limiting electrical conductivity. In other words, fear paralyses the frontal lobe. That’s were all rational thought occurs. It’s our large frontal lobe that differentiates humans from all other animals on the planet.
    When we’re afraid, we can’t think, we panic, we run to the first safe thing that seems to present itself to us and we don’t spend the time to think about whether it’s actually safe.

    When Trump was elected I felt as if the future went from Elon Musk’s dreams of colonizing Mars to Mad Max: Fury Road, a post-apocalyptic wasteland run by cruel and misogynistic despots. And for months I too was governed by despair and fear and the blinding rage those two emotions generated.
    And then I realized Trump, Brexit, and the all the other symptoms of the world’s cancer can be cured with a single idea.
    Hope tells us that while things may be hard today, they’re not going to stay that way. Hope promises the future will be better. Hope gives us the energy we need to get out of bed and go to work and keep fighting because in the end our hope tells us it will be worth it.

    Movies have the power to change the world. They are, at their best, deeply politically divisive tools for social change. They’ve been used by governments for both horrible and noble purposes. In other words, good movies are propaganda because they propagate another way of seeing things. They incite thought and action.
    Seeing the cancer and knowing that as a filmmaker I could possibly help cure it? I had to act. My fury at what’s happening demands I try. And for me, it’s not enough to make small steps.
    I want to start a revolution!
    I’m working on a 36 hour propaganda series called Intelligent Design that will show that things don’t have to be the way they are, that things can be better. I’m going to use the medium of movies, and the genre of spies to talk about governments and how they interact.

    While researching Intelligent Design I saw how nations use spies, hackers, economics, terror campaigns, and eventually full-scale war to grow and maintain their empires. The idea of physical well-being, of medical well-being, of psychological well-being aren’t factors when empires make these decisions. I want to talk about that, in detail.
    While researching Intelligent Design I saw how the ultra-high-net-worth individuals made over $50 trillion in 2015, and paid next to no taxes in their respective countries. I saw why things will continue to be that way until enough people choose to stop leaving big decisions to the ultra-rich. I want to talk about that, in detail.
    While researching how to break into Hollywood I saw how the major studios do business: they divide the world up into regions; businessmen dictate that women have to be sex objects, that black people have to be criminals, that people of Middle-Eastern descent must be terrorists, and that only white men can be the saviours. I want to take that idea apart, in detail.
    Learning what I’ve learned and knowing what I now know, how can I accept money from the rich to fund something that is at war with their way of life? I have to crowdfund! I have to take my cure to the people. How can I believe what I believe and still build something that maintains the rich’s ability to dictate the way the world looks, to dictate what kinds of movies and shows get made. And how and by whom they get made.

    I have to come to you because I want to make this statement as loud and deliver it as broadly as possible. I want to give Intelligent Design away for free on what is by far the most powerful distribution platform the world has ever seen.
    People say the Internet is for porn. The largest porn website streams 2 billion hours of video a year. YouTube streams a billion hours of video every single day! It’s already on every device, in every country on the planet. The volume of video traffic YouTube streams crushes every other form of video distribution combined!
    The Internet has made it possible for everyone to communicate. The rich don’t get to say whose voice gets heard anymore. They don’t get to be the only ones who speak loudly anymore. I want to show you the world can be different. I want you to join me in my revolution! I want you to know what it feels like to know you can make a difference!
    We can change the world! And we don’t need to use violence and fear to do it. Hope is a far more effective tool. There are 7 billion of us!

    What I’m trying to do is monumental. It will change the way movies and shows are made. And it will allow everyone, regardless of how much money they have or where they live, to see the gears by which the world turns. And once we see the gears, all we have to do is choose that the world should be filled with hope and act accordingly. And then it will be filled with hope. Because we will be filled with hope.
    I dream big. Intelligent Design will take a total of 9 years of my life to complete. It’s already taken 2 years. The huge goal of $33 million is because I want to make a living wage during these 9 years. I want to pay the hundreds of artists around the world with whom I’ll be working a living wage for 9 years. None of us will get rich. That’s not why we do what we do. We do it for love. We do it out of hope.
    Let’s make the cancer of fear obsolete. Join us. Feel what it feels like to dream big and to hope again. Take an action that is the change you want to see.