Moderation Policy

    I’m a huge fan of free speech. But, freedom only exists as long as it’s constrained to the point where one person’s freedoms don’t limit another person’s freedoms or sense of safety (within reason). A lot of people have yet to make that distinction. As such, it has become necessary to moderate comments on the various social media outlets on which I maintain a presence.
For the purpose of continuity and clarity, I’m posting the rules here.

    Don’t be mean to other people. It’s perfectly okay to argue for or against an idea, but making it personal will not be tolerated. It’s also bad logic. If someone’s argument is true and you don’t like it, it’s easy to try and attack their character. Bad people sometimes have good ideas. And of course, the reverse is true.

    I love it when people say what they don’t like and why they don’t like it. That kind of critique helps make the world better. It works in the scientific world in the form of peer-review, and it works in the world of art too. However, if you make a negative critique and don’t justify it, that’s unhelpful and generally just hurts people’s feelings. As such, I will delete unsubstantiated negative critiques. I don’t have to agree with the argument, but there needs to be one.
    If you are specifically cruel or making arguments only for the sake of argument (being a troll) I will ban you from my channel/unfriend you/block you. Trolls will not be tolerated!

    One of my favorite things about the comment section is when a discussion starts on something related to my work, but eventually heads off into some area I haven’t talked about, usually far beyond my personal expertise. In fact, if it wasn’t for good arguments or these tangentially related conversations, I’d probably disable comments altogether.
    However, I will delete something that has little or nothing to do with the topic being discussed, based off of what I post. This includes links to your own work. There are plenty of places online to post that. The comments section of other people’s work isn’t the place. That’s called spam.

    Don’t post links to other stuff, unless it’s from an established media source. The web is a dangerous place and non-major sites often contain dubious ads, fake news, or ads that deliver malware. As such, any links to any non-major media outlet will be deleted.

    This list may be amended in the future to include new types of incidents or rules. The world is big and changing and I will be adapting to those changes.
    If you feel these rules need to be clarified or amended, let me know!