What happened to the Vlog?

Art x Opinion started as a show. It was me, talking about issues that related to my current project, which at the time was Intelligent Design. It also chronicled the disclosable aspects of my filmmaking journey. However, I've chosen to cancel the show for the following reasons:
1, The quality didn't accurately represent what I'm capable of producing and therefore was detrimental to my long-term vision of what BXI should be known for.
2. It wasn't getting enough views to counter point 1. While I know there are some people who really liked it (and I'm very happy and thankful that you did) all of the things I produce must be viewed in the context of my larger goals as a filmmaker. If the views had been extraordinary, I would leave it up and still keep making them.
3. Points 1 and 2 may be symptomatic of a larger problem, that I'm not well-known enough to attract views purely because people think I am interesting and want to know more. What I  mean is, the show may be too early in my career. As such, I might bring the show back some day when I'm more famous. At that point it would be more useful.

    For the aforementioned reasons, I've removed the show from my YouTube channel and uploaded the videos to the Internet Archive. Feel free to watch/share/remix them in anyway you'd like. Just don't make money off of them.
   However, since I think the kinds of questions I was asking on Art x Opinion are valuable, I'll continue posting them in text form here, on this blog. I'll also be posting updates on my filmmaking journey. So, if that's the kind of thing you enjoy, there will be more!