Announcing ALGORITHM's Distribution

    I've got lots of Indie Film news. I’ve posted it on all 6 social media sites as I'm on.

    The prospective distributor fell through. I didn’t really like him for 3 reasons: 1) He was an executive at Walmart and I hate Walmart; 2) He was solely interested in a return on his investment and had no interest in promoting quality art that benefits culture; 3) With all the talk of how he was going to spend money, there was no mention of paying me for the rights to distribute ALGORITHM

    When the distributor missed the deadline Kenji and I agreed on, I told them I would distribute ALGORITHM myself.

*          *          *

    As soon as I can make it happen, I'm going to be selling the following: digital downloads, the soundtrack, and the DVD/Blu-ray combo-pack. The digital download will be $3 and include the new color correction.

*          *          *

    The soundtrack will be… the soundtrack, which was composed by Stu Kennedy. It will also be DRM free, cost $3, and will be available at the store on this site.

*          *          *

    On the same day the soundtrack goes for sale again, I’ll also be selling a full HD digital download of ALGORITHM. It will also be DRM free, cost $3, and will be available at the store on this site. The HD Download will include the new color correction, which looks like this:

*          *          *

    The reason all of this isn’t happening today is because I have to design and press the discs and the pictures on the discs and the piece of paper on the outside of the combo-pack case. That takes time, but I hope to have it done by the end of this month (August, 2015).

    The DVD/combo-pack will include a region-free PAL/NTSC/Blu-Ray version of the following: the movie, 2 commentaries, BTS, Easter Eggs and whatever else I can think to pack into it! It will also will also include the subtitles in the 9 languages, currently available on Youtube and any more that come in, up to 16 because that’s the maximum the DVD format will allow on a widescreen movie.

    I’m going to start the price at $19.99, which will cover the cost of creating and shipping the discs to Amazon’s distribution center. I need to make 2x the money I put in so, should the need arise, I can press more. Right now I can only afford to press 1,000 packs, but I hope to expand that.

    If I find that $19.99 gives me more money than I’m planning on, I’ll lower the price until it makes what I need. 

*          *          *

    I’m really excited about this. I look forward to getting ALGORITHM to the backers of the Crowdfunding campaign, and to finally getting the movie out in a format people can hold in their hands.