Writing: Valuations of Youtube Ads

    For a few months I’ve been debating about the value of ads on Youtube. The problem is, they don’t pay enough. On a TV network a show will generally get $10/CPM, or $10 for every 1,000 views. Youtube averages $2/CPM. The rates is determined by auction and when a video isn’t viral, bidders don’t pay that much for it. For the past several weeks “ALGORITHM” has been making about $0.30/CPM because it’s been getting about 2,500 views per day.

    This is an issue to me because the very existence of the ads costs me social credibility. People hate ads. Ads are annoying and invasive. Everyone knows this. But we also know they’re part of the deal. Content costs money to make and content makers get paid by advertisers. So, the end user suffers through the ads. 

    But, if the ads aren’t going to pay me more than I lose in social credibility by their existence, then they cease to be an asset and start to be a liability. I debated what to do about this for weeks, pretty much since the rate on “ALGORITHM” dropped to what I’m currently getting.

    There’s one more factor in my decision: Youtube pays for my video hosting. I don’t have to pay anything to get my movie streamed to over 2,500 people a day, all over the world. “ALGORITHM” is 4 gigabytes, which means I’d have to pay for bandwidth at least 10 terabytes a day. That would be VERY expensive. On top of that, Youtube’s player is on every device in every country in the world. My player wouldn’t be that ubiquitous.

    Youtube allows me to put ads pretty much anywhere in the video that I want. I can make it totally unwatchable with constant interruptions. Of course I didn’t do that. (Some of the Youtube channels that have stolen “ALGORITHM” do. I shut 5 stolen versions down a month.) I allow ads only at the beginning, when you first press play. Those are called preroll ads. I also allow ads at the end, after the credits, or post-roll ads. 

    A week ago I came to the conclusion that the preroll ads are too socially expensive to justify their existence. So, I turned them off. However, Youtube still needs to be paid for its service, so I left the post-roll ads on.

*    *    *

    I’ve emotionally committed to working on “Drought”. My mild midnight anxiety has subsided. I don’t know if my ego is less, but I’m working on something that I enjoy and that will help my career. Maybe it was that simple. Maybe all that talk about how anxiety is good because it helps deflate my temporarily-inflated ego was simply justification for it, me trying to see the bright side.

    Or it could be because of the herbalist I’ve been seeing. She asks what my biggest symptom is and then puts needles in me. Then the symptom goes away. It’s weird. I don’t begin to understand it. But I know it works. Kaiser thinks its a placebo. If he’s right, it’s the most effective placebo I’ve ever heard of and it doesn’t require my taking any toxic medications to work.