Soft Writing: Finding the Right Idea

    The bulk of the work I’m doing right now is more about finding the right idea to pursue than it is about actually creating an idea. So, these last few posts, and quite possibly the next few will be kinda scattered as I slowly zero in on the right target (I don’t like literary metaphors like that. In fact, I think that’s the first one I’ve ever used, and I didn’t like it.)

    I still really like “Intelligence.” I still really like “Drought.”

    But, a few months ago I had an interesting idea for a series. I didn’t have a name for it, but the idea seemed like it would be fun to explore; it may even segue into a continuing series kinda similar to “The Twilight Zone.”

    I ran the idea past my friend Earl Newton last night and he loved the idea. He thought I could almost certainly get a meeting at a network to pitch it. My first thought was SyFy because the idea, which I’ll write about in a moment, is definitely in the science fiction world. However, SyFy may not be the best place for it, since it’s currently limited to cable. 

    The next distributor that came to mind was HBO, but HBO requires too much nudity for my taste. Then, I remembered Netflix. Netflix is at the forefront of what is clearly the future of distribution. Dana Brunetti runs Kevin Spacey’s production company Trigger Street. Dana was on an episode of one of my favorite podcasts: Triangulation

    Dana’s episode should be required listening for anyone even considering getting into Hollywood. He talks about what was then going to be the future of movie production and distribution. The thing is, his future at the time is our present and he was right. The even better thing is that his predictions don’t stop with where we are but instead go on to describe the slow downfall of Hollywood as Silicon Valley begins to take over. Position yourself appropriately.

    Keep in mind, Dana’s predictions were before “House of Cards” streamed even a single episode.

    So, yeah. Netflix is the future. They have enough money to make just about anything they want. They don’t have to answer to advertisers. They don’t have a minimum nudity clause like HBO. They have a larger viewer base than SyFy. And the best part is that they’ve solved the piracy/sharing problem by making so many movies accessible to everyone at a reasonable price.

    So, yeah. Netflix, or something like it, is the future.