Soft Writing: What's the Story About?

    I don't have a title for the Advanced AI project. I want one because it helps with branding and marketing and all that. I probably won't have one until the script is finished. 

    The thing about scripts is that I don't really know what the story is about until the script is written. I mean, I know the plot, what the characters will do, what the world is like. But, the deeper metaphor doesn't become clear to me until I read it a few more times. 

    In fact, sometimes deeper metaphors reveal themselves to me long after a project is finished. It's like, sometimes you find a book that's really good. Then, you read it years later and it's still really good, but for totally different reasons. The book hasn't changed. I have.

    Being creative, being an artist means that I have to give plenty of space for my subconscious to have a voice. Sometimes that voice is way smarter than I am, way more insightful, saying deeper more pure truths than I could possibly ever say or even understand at the time when I'm actually creating the art. I'm working on getting a better connection with that, so I know what I really do know.

    It's quite possible that the metaphors aren't there at all and I just project my new insights onto the work.

*          *          *

    Shortly after writing the entry for 15-05-16 I got a new idea. 

    It's for a story about the emergence of advanced artificial intelligence that isn't hostile to mankind. My natural reaction to this was that the earlier A.I.s weren't hostile to man, man was hostile to them. The A.I.s simply defended themselves. My response is, what if the A.I. is so much smarter than mankind that we have no possibility of posing any kind of threat to it. 

    Is there a story in there?

*          *          *

    I love the movie "The Matrix", but I realized a flaw in it. And that flaw isn't limited to the Matrix; it's also in "The Terminator" series. Why would an advanced A.I. bother fighting humans. Humans need Earth's environment, but A.I. doesn't. If I were an A.I., I'd just leave Earth. A.I. could survive fine, if not more efficiently in space than it can on Earth. That may be where the story ends up, but I'm not feeling it right now. I suspect it will be more human/A.I. integration.

*          *          *

    As I mentioned in a previous post, the key for a project for me is that it has to have something in it that makes me want to work on it for as long as it takes to finish. 

    The questions that naturally come to my mind when I begin to think about A.I. are really big and not at all easy to answer: 


1. How do we measure or even find intelligence? 

2. Are we capable of finding intelligence that's different from our own? 

3. If 2, what might that different intelligence look like? 

4. Is consciousness the primary or only measure for intelligence? 

5. What is the nature of consciousness? 

6. Was there an evolutionary reason for consciousness to occur?

7. If 6, then what are the circumstances from which consciousness might naturally emerge?

8. What is the difference between consciousness and the subconscious?

9. There's a field in Anthropology called "Linguistic Anthropology". It's argument is that the language you know changes the way you think about the world. How would that affect an A.I.?

10. How much does our ability to perceive the world change based on the kinds of sensory input we get?

11. What is valued about life?

12. If life is valued based on intelligence manifested as consciousness, would that naturally create a hierarchical structure in society? 

13. If 12, would that naturally result in a caste system?

14. If 12, is there a cut-off point where life is no longer valuable?

15. If 12, what position would a superior intelligence have?

16. If 15, how superior would the intelligence have to be before we'd call it a god?

17. If 16, would we try to kill that god?

18. If 17, would we be able to kill that god?

19. If 17, would we even know if we had killed that god?


    The very fact that I can, almost off-hand come up with 19+ questions, any of which would be a fascinating conversation to have, means that this idea is worth at least exploring. The more I think about it, the more fascinating it becomes.

*          *          *

    I realized that if I can't know some of the deeper metaphors until later, and I want the title of the movie to reflect that metaphor, then I should probably wait until a later draft to figure out the title. Anything else would lead to a largely superficial title. I don't care for superficiality in any aspect of my life. 

    So, I'll wait.

    I still need to call this something for now. The best idea I had, actually when I first had the idea, was to call it "Intelligence". I like to buy the domain name of any site before I post it anywhere. Someone already owns but they're camping it. It doesn't go anywhere. They own it until 2022, so there's little point in my just waiting for their registration to expire.

*          *          *

    It should go without saying that this blog contains spoilers. That's probably the only warning you will get. Every aspect of the plot, story, creation, and my interactions with anyone in Hollywood or anyone else may be mentioned here in as much detail as I feel is necessary to convey what I'm going through.

    My purpose for this journal is to market myself. But, as much or more than that, it's to show that I'm just someone who chose to do something. I'm talking about how I do it, and how it feels to do it so you can then chose to do it yourself. I don't have any secrets.