Soft Writing: With Intention

    I write slowly over months. My stories should be on purpose. Everything should be there for a reason. Anything not required gets delete. Everything relates to everything else. 

    I like this analogy: if you're going to design a building, 1st you have to know what you want. Then, you design the upper part of the building. When you know how big it is, then you design the foundation accordingly. The foundation of a story is the first pages. The first few pages should contain traces of the end. The end comes from the beginning. 

    Modern TV production doesn't allow for this level of design. Instead, the first pages are written. They're called the pilot. If the pilot gets picked up, then the rest of the story is written a season at a time. Many write themselves into a corner, on purpose. They write their way out the corner. It's not tightly, intentionally structured. The TV production model doesn't allow for it. 

    For that reason, good movies will always be tighter. Modern TV allows for larger stories, but movies are higher quality. I've asked myself, "Can the model be changed in such a way that will allow a TV show to be designed with the same level of intention?" 

    That's what I'm working on with Beta. It's a long-form show, written entirely before anything gets shot. Every moment is intentional.