14-07-24 Distribution

    Last night, after my wife and I went out to a nice 9th Anniversary dinner, I got home to Earl saying he had tons of people wanting to know when ALGORITHM was coming out and that I should set up some way to pre-order. As I explored that option, I found out that it would basically be rebuilding my website on a different server, using a host other than Squarespace.

    The only other option was to simply put the movie up for sale early, as in, last night. My wife thought it was a good idea. I had done everything than really needed to be done to make it work, so other than the arbitrary date, there was no real reason not to launch.

    So, I did.

    Within 5 minutes I had five orders. I put the movie up for $3.00, the movie with the soundtrack for $7.00, and the soundtrack by itself for $5.00. So, five orders meant between $15.00 and $35.00. Not bad for the first few minutes.

    The problem is, it has remained a trickle. As of this moment, the movie has made just under $300.00. I think last week’s viral experience may have set my expectations too high because right now I feel totally defeated, like I’ve failed completely. I want to find alcohol (a feeling I get whenever I’m sad, but which I never do when I’m feeling emotional), or cry or sleep or something.

    I don’t know if that number will continue to trickle in or if there will be a flood or if that will be how much it sells total. What I do know is that’s not even close to the amount of money I’ve spent on the movie above and beyond the crowdfunding campaign, which means, unless that number turns into a flood, I’m done as a filmmaker. I simply can’t afford to continue.

    Anyway, this is a catalogue of how I feel and I feel like complete trash right now. And, I’m totally exhausted.