14-06-20 Distribution

    Stu Kennedy and I are slowly finished work on the soundtrack. Once I've settled on talented people and helped them arrive at the vision I've got in my head, I tend to like to leave people alone. This does a couple really amazing things. It leaves me time to focus on other things, which is really necessary as the project changes scale. But, more important than that is that it give the talented people the space they need to be creative, to achieve the best they can do. I know I need that space and so I make sure I give it to the people with whom I collaborate.

    However, when someone asks for notes, a different part of my mind turns on. I begin to focus in on what they're doing. Slowly, my notes become more specific, my desires more exact. In other words, I begin to micro-manage. This is bad because it prevents the two things that I mentioned a moment ago. 

    Sure, it may end up creating something closer to the vision I have in my head, but that may not be right for the project. I recently had to apologize to Stu and then consciously back off and give him the space he needs.

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    [paused until 14-06-24]

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    I had more here, but I got distracted and wasn’t able to come back to it for a few days, at which point the conclusions had faded from my memory.