14-04-18 Post-Production

    Sometimes the labor, the anticipation of labor, the fear that all previous labors will be for nothing is overwhelming. But, I have to keep going. I have a moral obligation to finish ALGORITHM and deliver it to the people who believed in it with their wallets, the people who backed the crowdfunding campaign. I owe them. I can’t quit.

    That’s the idea that drives me through the truly heart-wrenching times. And, like everything in this life, those hard times don’t last forever. Eventually they end and something good comes instead.

    Now that Stu is working on the score, I feel a tremendous burden has lifted from my shoulders. As you know, since you’ve read this far, I’ve toyed with a bunch of different options for the soundtrack. I’ve even entertained the idea of no music at all. But, that’s not the movie I’ve made. It needs a composer, someone who is better than I am at it. And it’s got one.


*          *          *

    When I met with Neil on Monday, I told him I’m exhausted and that I’ve been working for over two years, largely without a break. The only real breaks I took were when I was so tired I couldn’t think. The moment I could think, it was back to work.

    I’m taking a break, as much as I can while managing the two people who are now doing work that I can’t… or that I’m not as skilled at as they are. I’m reading a book that has nothing to do with what I’m working on. It’s not good enough writing to analyze for literary merit, or to learn something. It’s not at all related to computer security or any of the possible sciences that may be in any of my future projects.

    It’s basically mindless. And that’s exactly what I need. I’m resting.

    I know I’m going to have to start working again when the music comes in. I have to mix it, then I have to figure out how to make a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for the festivals. Then I have to make it. 

    And then it’s on to the publicity tour and making sure the movie is ready to sell. After that, accounting and logistics. It’s basically at least another year of work. 

    But, the cool thing about the publicity and logistics phase is that I can probably start work on the next project, whatever that happens to be.

*          *          *

    There’s probably going to be a bit of a gap between this entry and the next one, largely because probably nothing will happen. At least, I hope nothing will.