14-03-31 Distribution

    I’m not sure if Zoe Keating is going to move fast enough for her music to be used in ALGORITHM. On top of that, if she’s got a “Licensing Agent” then there are probably fees in place that I’ll have to pay per-play, according to ASCAP laws. Since I fully intend to facilitate people sharing ALGORITHM via BitTorrent and other file-sharing protocols, it would be impossible for me to to pay her per-play. And, that says nothing about ALGORITHM’s July 14th free day.

    But, that’s not my real motivation. My real motivation is because I simply don’t like conflicts or stress in my life. It stifles my creativity. It makes me mean, or at the very least, short-tempered with people I care about. It makes me a generally bitter person.

    So, I’m creating a 2nd backup plan, in case Zoe’s music doesn’t work out, and depending on how well the backup plan works, even if she is open to it.

    My background is as a musician. With enough time and patience, I can write the perfect music for the movie. This has a lot of benefits: It keeps me working; it keeps me creative; it relieves the stress caused by waiting on another, seemingly uninterested/unmotivated person; it gives me 100% of the rights to the music, with no one to pay royalties to except myself; it allows me to bundle the soundtrack with the movie, or sell it separately.

    Will it be as good as Zoe’s music? I don’t know. She’s a genius, like Mozart good. But, she’s inaccessible. Will it work better for ALGORITHM? That’s an easier question to answer. The fact is, as good as Zoe’s music is, I had to remix some of it for it to create the emotion I wanted. Writing my own music eliminates that need. I get exactly the music I want, doing exactly what I want it to do, within the time constraints of the movie. That only comes from music specifically composes for the project.

*          *          *

    I’ve been keeping this journal long enough that I can’t remember what I’ve put in and what I haven’t. So, before I release it as an ebook, I’m going to go back and fill it in, making sure I don’t repeat myself too often. It’s not retcon, it’s revising, it’s editing. It’s what every great book has gone through, with the possible exception of Kerouac’s On the Road (though, I’ve heard even that went through massive revisions; it might have been only the first draft that was written in five days straight, during an intense drug-induces frenzy).

*          *          *

    The media hack isn’t going quite as well as I’d hoped. People are reading the posts, but I suspect they’re the same people who would have been reading the blog posts. There’s no real way to know. Or, maybe this media hack thing also has to be buttressed by the standard legwork required in any media campaign: sending out emails to contacts at blogs, colleges, news papers and podcasts. That kind of thing. Having never done this, I just can’t say.

    What I can say for sure is that up until today, the decision was actually made late last night, when I decided to have a backup option for ALGORITHM’s score, I was exhausted. I’m pretty tired now, but that’s because I’ve been working for nearly 10 hours straight. That’s been pretty typical for almost every single day for the past 2 years. There have been days where I’ve not made any actual progress, but even on those days I was thinking about it. It’s always in the back of my mind.

    And when I’m not thinking about ALGORITHM, I’m thinking about where I’m going to setup shop once ALGORITHM succeeds and starts generating money. I might stay in Costa Mesa. There’s also a really nice, unused and mostly unclaimed blimp hanger in Tustin. It requires quite a bit of money to bring it up to current building codes, which is why no one really wants it. It would be one of the largest sound stages in the world.

    There’s also Detroit. After the auto industry crashed along with the housing industry, Detroit because very dystopian. It’s an ideal place to make a dystopian movie, or series of movies. But, beyond that, land is cheap. There are a lot of people who are unemployed, who could easily be taught to do some of the things I don’t really want to.

    Finally, there’s this hotel, in one of the rural sections of Japan. The hotel is abandon because it was too far from the center of town. That makes it perfect for me. On top of that, Japan is currently facing a rather catastrophic cultural shift. Most of the young people are leaving rural Japan and moving to the cities, leaving most of the country uninhabited. Japan is so eager to counter this tendency, that they are actually giving houses away in some of the rural areas. And, rural needs to be put into context. Rural means no more than 1hr drive from a city, like Tokyo. That means access to the rest of the world. On top of that, Japan is awesome, at least for someone like me.

    I don’t know where I’ll end up. I don’t know if ALGORITHM will even make the kind of money I believe it will, the kind that will enable me to set up a studio. I don’t even know if setting up a studio is something I want to do. It would probably put me in a more managerial position instead of creative. And I know I don’t want that.

    I guess the point of all this daydreaming is that it’s symptomatic of my returning hope, now that the shackles of someone else’s priorities aren’t limiting me again, as they have so many times in the past.