14-03-01 Post-Production

    Sometime, I think it might have been Monday, I tweeted Zoe Keating to see if she would have any free time to meet and talk about composing for ALGORITHM. She said she was really busy. So, I asked her when she would be available. She said she didn’t know.

    What that means, to me, is that she’s not an option for composing.

    But, like any good producer, I have backup plans. And, that backup plan is Zoe Keating. Here’s what I mean: while Zoe may not have the time to compose music specifically for ALGORITHM, she has put out some spectacular work. It’s what drew me to her in the first place. So, I spent Thursday and Yesterday putting the music she’s already composed into the soundtrack to see if it would work. This was always a possibility, but I wanted to make sure it sounded good before I talk to her about it. 

    It turns out, it does. Not only does it sound good, it sounds amazing! I mean, it’s perfect. Of course, I had to remix a lot of the pieces, stringing sections together, repeating and cutting to make it fit. I slowed some pieces down, played some backwards, and even combined those two techniques. But, the result is perfect. The question I’ve got now is, will she be open to it.

    After that, there’s another, equally important question. Does she own the rights to her music or is her music owned by a record label. If it’s owned by a label, things get considerably more complex… perhaps to the point of it being unworkable. I hope that doesn’t happen because I’m really happy with the way it sounds and feels right now.

*          *          *

    Last Sunday, I had one of ALGORITHM’s technical advisors over, Dr. Cameron Kaiser. I’ve mentioned him before. He’s a tough critic. He’s smart, and very detail oriented. On top of that, he’s a major geek. 

    The last time he saw the movie he was not happy. In fact, he thought it wasn’t very good at all. You can imagine what this did to me. I was depressed for the rest of the day, and for the next few days.

    So, when he came over Sunday, insisting on another viewing, I had emotionally detached myself in preparation for more of the same.

    What I got was something entirely unexpected. Not only did Kaiser like it, he really liked it. He wouldn’t say it outright, because there were a couple technical details that needed to be changed, but I could tell. And, on App.net (a Twitter competitor) he gave it what counts as a rave review, for him.

    That felt pretty good.

*          *          *

    I’ve spent the past few weeks creating ALGORITHM’s sound canvas. I finished the first draft of that on Thursday, in time for a screening Friday morning, for some people who were in an artists group I had started before ALGORITHM went into serious pre-production.

    Both people liked the movie. That means, every single person who has seen it in any of its more recent incarnations has loved it. It gives me a lot of hope for how it’s going to do when we release it.