14-03-01 Distrubition

I’m writing this immediately after finishing the Post-Production entry for the same day, just so you know, just for some context.

*          *          *

    On Monday, we launched the website, www.thehackermovie.com, which had a slight redesign based on the opinions of Stuart Dooley, the graphic designer who is now part of ALGORITHM. He’s got taste.

*          *          *

    One of the changes Stuart made was to give the site a consistent look, which makes everything feel like it’s on purpose, which it is. Of course, that had the cascading effect that I had to go in and change the font in the movie to match the style we’ve chosen, I won’t be shy about this. It’s an improvement.

    Originally I had chosen the font Andale Mono, mostly because it’s the default font in Apple’s Terminal program. That’s program that gives the user access to a Unix command line. It’s a geek thing. (Don’t use Terminal unless you know what you’re doing, or are okay with installing everything on your computer from scratch; all of the safeguards designed to block you from breaking your operating system are gone.)

    However, no one really liked the font, including me. I’ll be really honest here. My taste in fonts isn’t very good. That’s one of the big reasons I wanted Stuart to join the project.

    The web hosting company I chose to host www.thehackermovie.com is Squarespace. They have been awesome in every interaction I’ve had with them so far. I have no indication that my future experience will be any different.

    One of the things Squarespace has that really gives it an edge is very tastefully designed themes. I chose one called Aviator. One of the fonts in Aviator is Lato. I love it; specifically, Lato Thin. I don’t know why it works. Nothing about that font screams “hacker.” But, it sure does look good.

*          *          *

    Neil is running ALGORITHM’s media campaign. He defines his job as PR 2.0. What we’re doing now is basically hacking the media. I’m not going to go into detail about what we’re doing here. Suffice it to say that we launched our media hacking campaign on Monday. It’s too early to tell if it’s working or not.

    Part of the campaign is writing blog posts that cross-link to stories on major media websites. Every day I add another post, the hits on the site spike. I made a post on Thursday, and we got 54 hits. As I said, it’s too early to tell.

    What I can say for certain is that we’re getting 10-100x the traffic than I was getting on my production company’s site when I would make blog posts there. So, something is working. I’ll have more information in the future as to whether it’s working or not. I have high hopes.