13-10-02 Post-Production

    It took me a few days to recover from production. Of course, the fact that the last day for me was 24hrs straight, without sleep, ending with an 8hr drive didn’t help. I’m not going to give a clear diary of the proceeding days of recovery, suffice to say David Lynch would have a hard time capturing the strangeness of it. But, all that’s in the past. I have recovered and am back to work.

    I tweeted that I plan on having a rough cut of ALGORITHM done by the end of the week. Doing that requires a bit of setup. Everything needs to be backed up—which I’ve done. All the files need to be labeled—which I’ve done. A basic understanding of Final Cut X needs to be achieved—I did that during production, on a brief 3 day rest period.

    I have become a bit of a workaholic. That idea used to bother me. My CEO brother suggested I take time off. Here’s the thing, I don’t want to do anything else. Anytime I’m on vacation I feel like I’m wasting time. The only real respite I need is sleep, and to keep creative input coming in. 

    However, the real solution became clear when I watched a documentary called Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It’s about an 80+ year old sushi chef in Japan. Jiro is the undisputed master of sushi preparation… and he never stops working. He has taken sushi preparation and elevated it to an art. Since filmmaking is already an art, I figure it requires no less effort from me to attempt to master it. I leave it to you to decide if I’m anywhere close.

    There were 565 video files and 231 to name. It took me two and a half days. I could have finished earlier, except there are other returning-to-home-after-a-month-of-absence chores that needed to be addressed. However, as I mentioned above, that’s done now. So, today I edited scenes 1-3. It’s actually a single shot broken up by a title card. It’s one of the few scenes, that I’ve found so far, that turned out exactly as I imagined it, and how I wrote it in the script. It sets up the intensity of the movie, as well as the pacing. It’s, in my opinion, a very powerful scene.

    While I’m technically a bit behind the schedule I proposed, I still believe I’ll have a very rough cut of ALGORITHM done, if not by Friday, then at least by the middle of next week. Either way, that’s really fast, by movie editing standards.