13-09-13 Production

DAY 11

    Two days ago we shot for 13 hours and used up about 400 gigs of storage. That's just for one format. The video has to be transcoded twice, so it was about a 1TB day. That gets kinda scary when I've only got 8TB total, but we'll figure it out, as we have so many other small problems.

    It's a strange thing… problems. They seem so big when you're in the middle of them, but then, when you're done, it's like… well, that happened.

    Here's an example:

*          *          *

DAY 08

    There's a scene that's supposed to take place inside a Department of Homeland Security building… and we didn't have one. We found a floor at San Francisco State University, a place where we'd filmed a couple other scenes, but it didn't really match the location we had for the entrance. But, it's the movies and two ajoining rooms in the movies may not actually be next to each other in real life.

    Monday this week was a day off. I decided to call my friend Kevin, who is one of my best friends (he was the Best Man in my wedding) and see if he was available for lunch. Kevin runs the computers for the Distance Learning department at De Anza College. That's the junior college in Cupertino, where Apple is headquartered. Anyway, Kevin's good at what he does, probably overqualified for his particular job, but he's happy and that matters.

    Some of the best college courses I've taken were at De Anza and I can't recommend it high enough, including some Creative Writing classes. I know there Computer Science department is good too because Kevin teaches there, along with his other duties. And, after hanging out with Marty (he's closely tied with the TV Production department and has a background in broadcasting) and filming in their new studio, if you're in the area and in need of an education, go there! </voluntary-promotion>

    De Anza decided to build a very green beautiful $52m building and move Kevin's department inside it. I've known Kevin for years and I've hung out with him a lot, both at home and at work. As such, I've gotten to know his boss and co-workers. They all like me. </exposition>

    I met Kevin for lunch on Monday. His boss, Marty, decided he wanted to join us. Marty's in the movie too. While we were at lunch Marty offered the use of his brand new, very green, beautiful $52m building, including the full-sized TV production studio, complete with 30ft, floor to ceiling green screen. 

    I said yes, and immediately rescheduled everyone for the new location. 

*          *          *

Day 09

    We shot over 12 pages on Tuesday and it's incredible! All the actors nailed their lines and characters, take after take. We even had a stedicam operator named Ben and he got probably the best shots of De Anza's brand new, very green, beautiful $52m building.

    It was a long day.

*          *          *

DAY 10

    There are a bunch of scenes that call for an Interrogation Room, which we found in the SOMA District of San Francisco. It was the basement of a Dance Studio. So, there was constant sound of footsteps, both from the dance studio, and the adjacent CVS. 

    It worked, though, because it was supposed to be the basement for De Anza's brand new, very green, beautiful $52m building. Again, we shot well over 10 scenes. I'm not exactly sure of the number, but it was a lot. Again, everyone performed amazingly. I know you're probably getting tired of my praising the cast and crew. But, I have no intention of stopping, so long as they keep it up.

*          *          *

DAY 11

    It's a day off of production. After the past two days, it feels very needed. We also have tomorrow and the follwing day off. It's a good thing, because I've got to figure out the best way to store all the incoming data and there's A LOT of it. I've already upgraded my 4tb RAID drive to an 8tb RAID, but at this rate, I'm not sure if even that's gonna be enough.

    If there's time, after the data workflow problem has been resolved, I'm going to continue trying to peice together the footage to see if we need any reshoots or b-roll or whatever. On a project as big a ALGORITHM, since we couldn't afford pre-visualization or even storyboards, it's nearly impossible to know if we got everything we need without a rough cut. So, that may or may not happen this weekend.

    Also, my wife comes into town tomorrow. I haven't seen her for two weeks and I really miss her. We're going to hang out a bit tomorrow and then again on Sunday evening. After that, I'll be feeling reenergized.

    The next few weeks are going to be really intense, in the same way that the previous week has been. It's all good stuff. Even, at the end of the day, when my knees are soar and I'm so tired I just want to crawl into a bath and soak until I can feel my joints… even then, I'm excited because we're doing something that we shouldn't be able to with the resources we've got. It feels nothing short of miraculous!