13-09-04 Production


    We’ve cut roles. We’ve recast actors and hired new crew. We’ve lost locations and found more. We’ve spent the past few weeks in intense pre-production that changes factors on a day-to-day basis. It’s been a wild and emotionally intense ride.

    And, tomorrow we begin principal photography. That’s inside speak which means that we start filming the movie. It’s a pretty light schedule. Only two locations and two actors. It’s even lighter than that. It’s only one actual location that we shoot from two angles to make it look like two different locations. And, both of the actors are members of the crew.

    If we have time after we’ve finished those two scenes, we’re going to go shoot some more stuff.

    But, the point of tomorrow is to test the system we’ve spent the past month building, make sure all the parts work as they ought to. So, it’s good that it’s a pretty easy day.

    Tonight, in a few hours, Chris Panzera and I will be meeting with Gio Kendall and doing some finishing tweaks on the wardrobe. After that, it’s a final pre-production meeting. We’re going out to dinner as a group, for the first time.

    Yesterday, during our drive north, Chris and I were talking. I’ve spent a long time getting this train moving (the train metaphor is common in the movie industry, so just resign yourself to it). But, now it’s moving. It’s got inertia. I can’t sit back and just ride it, but it almost feels like that.

    There’s a sense of anticipation, as if something important is going to happen. At least, that’s how I feel.