13-09-02 Production

DAY -02

    We've got some amazing locations. We've got an amazing cast. We've got a really tallented crew and some amazing producers. This is ALGORITHM. It's happening. It's getting made!

    I leave for San Francisco tomorrow at 4:45am tomorrow. I'm making a stop in Los Angeles to pick up Chris Panzera and then we'll only stop for restrooms and fuel. Chris and I will actually be staying closer to San Jose because we couldn't find an apartment in our price range, but a friend came through! Of course, we're still looking.

    It's strange, to work so hard on pre-production, to plan so many things and have it coalesce into something massive… it's just strange to watch. It's like, I have this thing in my mind, then it changes to a words on a page. Now, it's something corporaeal, involving a lot of different, very tallented people. It's… I guess what I feel is awe. It's certainly bigger than anything I could have done on my own!

    And, we're just getting started.

    As Phillip Matarrese (one of the producers) and I drove around San Francisco durring auditions, and then scouting locations, I kept telling him, "People gave us just under $9,000 and we're going to deliver a $30 - 60 million movie. They're gonna be blown away!" That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it's how I feel.

    I'm excited, in case you can't tell. I'm excited that my dream is becoming a reality. I'm excited that my dream is made possible by because people believed in it and gave money to support it. I'm excited because every single aspect of production keeps getting better and better.

    I'm excited because we're making a movie that's gonna be entertaining. It's gonna mean something, it's going to make a difference. 

    I've been working on ALGORITHM in one form or another, almost exclusively, for over 1.5 years. I've done over 30 drafts of the script. I've been on several podcasts and vodcasts. I've met well over 200 actors, a ton of crew, all really amazing people.

    Tomorrow, an idea becomes something more. Tomorrow at 4:45am I drive north, with the lead actor, to make ALGORITHM a reality. I can’t wait to tell you about it. And then, to show you!