13-08-30 Production

DAY −05

    A friend of mine once told me to expect one crisis a day. I don’t subscribe to that line of thinking, but it’s good to be emotionally prepared.

    We’ve been having some trouble with one of the lead roles. We contacted the First Choice we but we didn’t get a response. No yes. No no. Nothing. We tried for a week, which is a bit strange to me. Why would someone take the time to come out to an audition, deliver an amazing performance, be super-excited about the script, and then not respond to a call back? But, I guess this art takes all types.

    Then, we moved on to the Second Choice.

    Before I go on, I want to qualify “Second Choice”. Second Choice was in no way inferior to the First Choice. In fact, the second choice was my First Choice. But, after a Producers’ Meeting, we decided to go with the one who ended up being the First Choice.

    So, you might think, Jon won that. And you’d be right. Except, Second Choice also eventually declined because of scheduling conflicts. Now, we’re doing our best to contact the Third Choice. If Third Choice doesn’t work out… it’s either back to the audition videos to make another choice, we hold more auditions, or we change the role in some way.

    This may sound chaotic and totally uncontrolled, but I assure you, it’s far more normal than you might think. Also, everyone watching the movie will have no idea any of this occurred… unless they read this.

    I wonder if Storm (X-Men) gets cold when she summons snow?