13-08-22 Production

DAY −13

    It looks like the days mentioned are all over the place. There’s a reason for that. It’s our budget. We all work. We’ve got to be flexible. One of the leads has a job and they asked him to stay a few days later than we’d planned. But, in return, he’ll have a job when he comes back. I thought it was a worthwhile exchange and I complete support him.

    That means that our planned beginning of principal photography, which was planned for the 1st of September, is now planned for the September 3rd. This is actually a good thing. Don’t worry. I’m about to tell you why.

    As I mentioned yesterday, I went location scouting today. We found a probable location for the DHS building, both interior and exterior. We also found a probably interrogation room.

    But, the best part is this: we got permission to film inside the San Francisco Public Library’s main downtown branch. If you’re not sure what this looks like, watch CITY OF ANGELS. It’s where all the angels go to read. We also got an actual San Francisco hacker space called Noisebridge. We also got permission to film at the tallest structure in SF called Sutro Tower.

    I’m very excited about that.

    And, of course, it wouldn’t be art if it wasn’t also peppered with a dose of reality.

    We (the producers and I) have been working hard to get locations and the shot list and the crew and the actors. We’re just now finishing the actual shooting schedule. The crummy part is that it’s kind of late notice for the actors. That’s one of the downsides with working with such amazingly talented people. They work as actors, A LOT.

    Yes, it tests the nerves. But, the high of getting all those amazing locations is going carry us through to the next task, the scheduling.