13-08-21 Production

DAY −11

    The question of what gear to bring has yet to be answered. So, I brought everything. It’s amazing how much I can fit into SV-1 (2012 Xb) when properly motivated. The real issue there was in maintaining rear visibility for the 400+ mile drive from Costa Mesa to San Jose. I’ll be in heading to SF to location scout, but I won’t be living there until closer to 09/01.

    I still haven’t found a place to stay in SF, but that can be worked out. The thing about making a movie on what my producers have referred to as a microscopic budget is that options like, security, certainty, food, those aren’t always available the way I might be used to when living in the comfort of my own place. We will all be fed with sufficient nutrients. We will all have places to sleep, be it a bed, or a clean spot on the floor. This is art, and there’s a special romanticism in suffering to make 

what we all believe will be great art.

    This evening, we got some good/bad news. I mentioned that the producers, actors, and crew all work full-time jobs and that we’re all taking as much time off as possible. However, one of the producers got a paying gig and had to take it. So, he won’t be with us on set. That still leaves two producers and, as Meatloaf sang, “Two out of three ain’t bad.”

    So, the drive north was uneventful, as any good drive should be. However, as I drove through LA, and the sun started to rise, I got this idea that, driving into the sunrise—instead of the typical cliche ending of driving into the sunset—that I was driving into the new, into the beginning of things. The sun is rising on ALGORITHM, as it rose over me.

    Tomorrow, we’re going to be doing location scouting. We’ve got to figure out all the places we actually want to film and get permission to film in those places. We’ve got a week to get that locked in.

    So, while everything may not be worked out yet, it will be. We’ll all work our best and do what we’ve been training and planning to do. We’ll be flexible, flowing with changes as they come, and bring back something amazing. That’s the hope. That’s the plan. This is the blog. Enjoy.