13-08-20 Production

DAY -12

    We’ve just raised enough money to make ALGORITHM, a movie about computer hackers. In case that isn’t clear, ALGORITHM is getting made. 

    That was a lot of work.

    We’re filming on location in San Francisco, starting September 1st and continuing through September 25th. The cast is around 30 people, with over 50 locations. It’s a massive undertaking, but we’ve come up with a fairly innovative model to make it possible.

    We’ve also largely finished with pre-production, although there’s still quite a bit to do. So, while this blog is technically called ALGORITHM Production, I guess it should include pre-production as well.

    We’ve still got to get some locations, but here are a couple of places we will be shooting: Sutro Tower (the iconic 3 prong tower that’s easily the highest structure in SF), Noisebridge (a hacker space).

    We also just became a SAG Signatory under the New Media Agreement. That means we can work with SAG actors, legally. That’s a good thing, because we’ve already cast 2 of them. They’re awesome and easily worth the extra work SAG makes us do.

    While I, Jon Schiefer, wrote this post, it’s going to be an ongoing thing, written by a variety of the cast and crew. So, keep coming back. We’ll also be posting the Call Sheets on this blog. It’s gonna be a real look inside production.

    I hope you enjoy this, either by reading it for fun, or as a case-study for  your own project. Feel free to ask any questions by sending them to @brandxjon on Twitter and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.