12-12-01 Pre-Production

    It’s amazing what a week can do. Yes, this Kickstarter campaign is still a bit of a roller-coaster. Yes, we’re still about $39,000 away from our goal of $50,000, but we’re making progress. We’ve got 185 backers, most of whom are people I’ve never met. That said, as I do a bit of research into who they are and what they do, I’m really impressed. Obviously I’m not going to talk specifically about what anyone does, but I was aiming at computer people and that’s exactly who responded.

    This makes me feel all the more obligated to create the best hacker movie ever made. I owe it to the people who believe in the project, the people who are pushing the boundaries in every area of life, from physics, to space research, to computer security, to the people who stay at home and raise children, insuring that we have a future worth striving toward.

    And, the fact that more than half the backers have the knowledge and power to make my life completely miserable should I fail in my promise, well, yeah. That’s a bit of a motivator too. ;)

    So, back to this week. I’ve released more videos in The Root Kit Interviews series. In fact, this morning I released the final fictitious interview. I’ve still got one more section of the Larry Wall interview that will be released this Wednesday (November 28th) and after that… Let’s see what I can come up with.

    I feel like the JATO rockets they put on the sides of C-130s and other jets to get them to take off on shorter runways. I blast the world with my creativity with a ferocious intensity, hopefully building up enough momentum quick enough for the massive project to get airborne. Okay, enough of that metaphor.

    My producers, and sever other people helping me on the back end are very encouraged with the numbers. They feel that we’ve got the momentum we need to successfully reach our $50k goal. That’s very encouraging.

    I don’t know how to market things. My main problem as a creative is that I can make great stuff but once it’s made, I don’t know what to do with it. The fact that the people I work with, who do know what to do with my stuff, are happy with how things are going, well, that’s pretty cool.

    One more thing happened. As of my writing this, there are only two backers who have donated more than $1k. This weekend, the campaign made hit numbers that mean those two backers no longer represent the majority of the funding. That means a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the people who have joined in with us to help make The Root Kit a possibility!

    I could never do any of this alone and I’m incredibly thankful for all your support. Even getting a few trolls means we’re getting noticed, so thank you trolls.