12-11-12 Pre-Production

    To say that running a Kickstarter campaign is an emotional roller-coaster is a bit of an understatement. There was a day when a single anonymous backer donated over $4k! Then, there are days when no one backs at all. Today (Tuesday 11/20/12) is a pretty good day, where I went to bed and woke up to almost 30 new backers.

    But, I suppose that should really be prefaced with what happened yesterday.

    Just over a week ago, shortly after the Kickstarter campaign launched, I mentioned to Steve Gibson on Twitter, that his show Security Now constituted the bulk of my research into computer hacking. He responded by donating to the campaign, and then mentioning his support on Twitter. He was generous with his praise.

    The following week, one of my technical consultants told me that Steve Gibson mentioned the campaign on his podcast! That podcast is usually co-hosted by Leo Laporte. However, last week, this week and next week, it’s co-hosted by Tom Merritt, who also hosts a few other shows, Frame Rate, Tech News Today, and Triangulation. Triangulation is one of the best in-depth interview shows with hackers and innovators that I’ve ever heard.

    Anyway, after Steve Gibson talked about The Root Kit, Tom Merritt said he would like to mention TRK on Frame Rate. I listened to the latest episode, and in fact he did mention it. Again, he was generous with his praise. A friend of mine, who has had contact with Tom Merritt on Twitter mentioned that I had heard it and that I’d be willing to be a guest on Frame Rate. Four days later (yesterday) I was on Frame Rate Episode 102 as their “Big Story”.

    It was quite surreal, to be a fan of a series of shows, and then to be on one, to be supported by people who I look up to, that was really something.

    That’s the big press news.

    In other news, last week I went to Michele Morrow’s home and we filmed an interview with her as she brilliantly portrayed Sudonym. I had never really seen Michele’s acting. I cast her for two reasons: 1) Xander Jeanneret (who is one of the most impressive actors I’ve ever worked with) recommended her. 2) I met her for tea and we got along well. She’s extremely supportive and works her butt off to make a project happen.

    The shooting went well, except that they were filming a segment for Top Chef downstairs and so we had to wait until they were done because of sound. The edit went great and in the final interview, Michele became Sudonym so completely that even the smallest doubts in my mind of her ability were removed. I really look forward to working more with her.