12-11-02 Pre-Production

    Busy week? Yeah. You could say that. The Kickstarter campaign launched last week. Day one was awesome. The reason for that is because, in order to get any money on Kickstarter (Kickstarter is a website that allows people to donate money to a project, using their credit cards) I’ve got to raise the amount in the goal. 

    My goal is $50,000. It’s a lot of money to me. It’s a scary big number. I’ve never had that much money in my bank account. The funny thing is, the reason I’ve never had that much is that I don’t really care about money. Money is just a means to an end. So, $50k isn’t something I want personally. It’s what I need to make The Root Kit in a way that’s sustainable.

    What do I mean by sustainable? I mean, I can make a movie for no money. But, then, no one involved gets any money, me included. People need to eat. We need shelter, water, and some other stuff. As long as the world is that way, I need money in order to pay people. Otherwise, we’ll need to do other things to get money to buy necessities, and that takes time away from creating, which ultimately results in worse art.

    Now, in order to reach the $50k goal, I’ve got to get about $1,600 per day, every day. The first day we raised over $1,800. So, that day was awesome. The second and third day, barely over $100 each day. 

    On the fourth day, Friday, something great happened: most of the research I did into computers and computer hacking came from a computer security podcast called “Security Now” hosted by Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson. Mostly it’s Steve talking about what he’s discovered that week, but Leo occasionally chimes in to help keep things clear and understandable. I mentioned this to Steve on Twitter (@SGgrc). On Friday he contributed to the campaign, and tweeted that fact. That day, we got another $700+ in pledges.

    It still wasn’t enough to meet the daily goal, let alone make up for the previous two days. But, it was a nice bit of encouragement. The other thing is, most of the people who contributed that day were system administrators, and other tech professionals. This is good for two reasons: 1) It is exactly who the movie is targeted at. 2) It means I’ve got the tech right.

    Since then the pledges have been trickling in. We’re still way behind where we should be, if the daily goal is any sign. However, the vast majority of Kickstarter campaigns make most of their money on the first and last days of the campaigns. We’re at 6% of the goal right now. We’re releasing an update video every 2-4 days.

    I’m not gonna pull any tricks. This is really scary. I don’t have a backup plan. I don’t even have enough money to make the movie for free and promise the actors I’ll pay them later (there’s a contract for that, don’t worry). If this Kickstarter campaign doesn’t work, then it’s highly probably that The Root Kit will never get made.

    So, please, tell your friends. Tell everyone you know. Get the word out. IF we raise the $50,000, I’m going to make the best hacker movie since War Games. It’s going to be more realistic than Hollywood could ever make because it’s targeting a specific niche. But, it’s also gonna be something almost everyone can enjoy.

    Join me. Let’s make this happen!