12-10-28 Pre-Production

    First things first. Sorry for the lack of a “weekly” weekly journal. Last week was very busy. The week before that, I met with an amazing actor and now she’s one of the leads in THE ROOT KIT.

    But, the vast majority of my time of late has been spent it preparation for THE ROOT KIT’s Kickstarter campaign. Getting food, making sure I have all the gear I need to get the shots I want; getting the location release, so they’re not liable in case of an accident, and so I can legally film in their location; scheduling everything with each of the seven actors who are a part of The Pitch video; arranging crew. Yeah. That about covers it.

    And then, finally, came the shoot day. Last Sunday, October 28th. I didn’t sleep the night before. Which means, I got about three hours sleep. I awoke at 5:00am to meet my friend Earl who was gonna help me with camera, lighting, and sound. The night before I moved basically my entire production to the location, so if something came to mind, I’d have it. I got to the location at about 6:00am. Earl was supposed to be there at about 6:30am, so I decided to go pick up breakfast for everyone. Breakfast burritos at the local hole-in-the-wall Mexican drive-thru.

    Upon returning, Earl was there. I brought the food in and Earl and I immediately began planning shots. Not long after, Xander showed up, on time and energetic. He’s amazing. In fact, everyone who is a part of THE ROOT KIT is just blowing me away with their skill and dedication.

    I should pause, and here’s a bit of a spoiler for the Kickstarter campaign. My plan was not just to film The Pitch video, but also a series of in-character interviews with each of the actors. That meant, 5 five minute videos and a far more complex 5 minute video, for a grand total of about 30 minutes of high quality video. To plan to do all that in a single day is… ambitious.

    Most of the setup was in figuring out the lighting and angles I wanted. After that, the interviews were pretty simple. We managed to get four before lunch.

    During lunch, Earl and I continued planning the shots for The Pitch video. the location we used has an entire wall made of glass. That means, all the angles had to be specific otherwise gear would show up in the shot. (There’s an Easter egg in The Pitch video relating to that. If you find it, let me know.)

    Most of the dialogue during The Pitch is by Xander. I did that because I’ve only got two good microphones. That means, only two people could have audio recorded at a time. So, all the audio that isn’t Xander or Trent, we had to do pretty much wild. (shooting wild means that you film without sound and then record it later and sync it in the edit.) 

    The Pitch took about three hours to film. Then, the final interview. We ended up wrapping at about 6:00pm. I stayed until 8:45pm cleaning up. I got home about 30 minutes later and got to sleep around 10:30pm.

    To any human, it should come as no surprise that I was totally exhausted on the 29th. So tired, in fact, that I got sick. All my energy was gone. But, I had to get the edit for The Pitch done and uploaded by Friday. I also had to make sure Amazon had been linked with my bank account so I could accept money, should the Kickstarter campaign be successful. I got all that done by Thursday, and spend Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday in bed.

    Sunday night I ate some bread that gave me food poisoning. All of Monday I couldn’t even turn on my side without puking. I managed to scoot across the bed to get a glass of water at about 3:00pm. It had been the first liquid intake in 18hrs. My wife came home with some Gatorade at about 6:30pm. Since then I’ve been doing my best to keep hydrated. However, when my wife awoke to leave for work at 6:15, this morning, I was feeling much better. 

    At 7:31am I did a soft-launch of the Kickstarter campaign to make sure all the links were working. at 8:00am I did the official launch. At noon, I had my first solid food in 40hrs for lunch, a cold bagel. It didn’t sit well so I had to go back to sleep. In order to reach $50,000 in 31 days, I’ve got a minimum daily goal of $1,613. When I awoke, from my nap, the campaign had passed that number by almost $50.

    As of the writing of this, we're at $1,741. Not bad for no press and no secret early backers.

    So, while I’m physically wrecked, I’m actually feeling pretty good.