12-10-08 Pre Production

    I’m one of those people who, in the words of a fellow filmmaker, Shaun Hackett, “just wants to paint.” I don’t like money. I’d rather not have to deal with it and I’m not terribly interested in accumulating it except as a means to allow me to continue making movies. So, when it comes to raising money, I have no experience. That said, the more I get into making movies, the more I recognize just how expensive these things can get.

    I’ve made movies where no one gets paid. People worked for copy (a DVD of the finished movie), credit (their name in the credits as well as on IMDB), and food (the stuff you put in your mouth that keeps you alive). However, since I intend to pay people during the filming of THE ROOT KIT, I’ve got to deal with money. That means raising it. Since I refuse to relinquish control, that means Kickstarter.

    So, here it is, for the first time made public, the Kickstarter campaign will run from November 6th to December 7th, during which we hope to raise $50,000. It seems like a lot of money to me. But, I know that not a dime of it will be wasted, and that every cent has a specific place it will go to facilitate the movie.

*          *          *

    Last week I mentioned that this whole Kickstarter campaign is killing me. And, up until last Thursday, at 5:15am to be precise, it was. At 5:15am on Thursday morning I awoke with a revelation. I came up with the idea that will open and be the overarching theme of the Kickstarter campaign. Yes, it’s a video. In fact, it’s a series of videos. The real beauty of it is that they will all be filmed on the same day, at the same location. That means, it’s logistically simple to do, especially since my brother owns the location. I’m not going to say much more about it, suffice it to say that this lifted almost all the stress of the Kickstarter from my shoulders and transformed into something feasible.

*          *          *

    Speaking of Thursday, as a filmmaker, I don’t get a regular 9-5 schedule. I was having a routine physical examination a few months ago and my doctor asked me how much I work. I told her 100-120 hours a week. That’s neither a lie nor an exaggeration. I’m always thinking, and when I’m not thinking, I’m resting so I can think again. I have no idea when or where inspiration will strike so I’m always trolling my mind, waiting for the answers, such as the aforementioned Kickstarter solution. Sometimes it wakes me up, sometimes its during a movie, while I’m driving, or even right before I go to sleep (those ones really suck because I usually don’t sleep much that night).

    All of which to say, Thursday was 22 hours long. As I wrote, it starter at 5:15am. When the idea had fully formed, my wife woke up. I helped her get ready for work, and when she had left, I wrote the first script. 

    Then, I had a 1:00pm lunch with a possible DP. (I sent him a copy of the script. He’s going to be reading it over the next few weeks to see if it’s something he thinks he can do). 

    After that, a meeting with Miles Maker in Los Angeles at 4:00pm. When that meeting was over, I met my good friend Earl Newton. We had dinner then headed to an Actors’ Showcase at 9:00pm. The Showcase ended at about 1:00am, and then I had to drive back from Los Angeles to Orange County. 

    I hate the 5 freeway, so I usually take the 405. Don’t worry, at 1:30am it’s pretty clear. That is, until the Seal Beach exit, at which point the entire freeway is shut for repairs. CalTrans has been doing that every weeknight for the past few months. Sucks for me. I got home and finally fell asleep at 3:15am. Yes, I got a 30 minute nap in there, but still, it was nearly 22 hours long. I’ve been recovering since then.

*          *          *

    That Actors’ Showcase has been a goldmine for talent. I’ve cast two actors, and have three more in mind. In fact, I’ll be meeting with two of them on Monday, when this post goes live.

*          *          *

    So, there were some parts of last week that were really hard. But, overall, it’s been incredibly productive.