12-09-22 Pre-Production

    Last week was incredible. It started out pretty bad because I hadn’t made any real progress. It felt like the massive freight train I’m pulling was starting to slow down. Then, around Wednesday I got some good news: three meetings with people who will help the project again gain momentum.

    In the past few entries I’ve referred to a “Producer”. I didn’t want to give his real name because he hadn’t committed to THE ROOT KIT and the last thing I wanted was to give him any bad press. Because, whatever his relationship to THE ROOT KIT, I’d like to think he and I are becoming friends.

    The time for anonymity is over. Miles Maker officially signed on as Consulting Producer. It’s huge for a couple reasons. Miles is an awesome and smart guy. I’ve already found some of his advice to be incredibly insightful. In fact, he’s the one who recommended I go with the SAG New Media agreement instead of the Ultra-Low Budget agreement. The prior allows for far more flexibility on my end.

    Later that night, I attended an actors’ showcase. I’ve been going there for over a month now. It’s a really great place to see actors work, and it helps me avoid the audition process. I’m going to say too much about it just now, but it was a pretty good night that I hope leads to at least one role being cast.

    On Saturday I had the privilege of meeting with John Paul Rice, an amazingly talented producer friend. He’s currently editing his third movie project. The amount of press and attention he was able to raise with his second movie really impressed me, so being able to talk to him about that kind of thing was invaluable. I won’t even attempt to summarize all that he told me. But, if you’re interested, watch my TBA Kickstarter campaign. Many of the good ideas will be my application of John’s ideas.

    Finally, there’s a guy who is rather famous in the Indie world. I won’t say his name, for the same reason I didn’t mention Miles’s until he committed. But, he’s got some serious on-set skills. I’m trying to recruit him to be 1st Assistant Director on THE ROOT KIT. He’s got the script and will probably let me know if he wants in within the next couple days.