12-09-19 Pre-Production

    Nothing really productive happened today. But, I was in a much better mood. I think it’s because of what I’ve got planned for the rest of the week. Meetings… with producers… and going to the actors’ showcase. Those are all signs that the train is once again moving forward.

    I mentioned the idea of having a producer teach other people to produce as a possible Kickstarter perk. Well, I got to thinking about my perks and how they’re not really related to the subject matter in TRK, namely, computers and computer hacking. 

    I also remembered that my good friend Kevin, the chief computer security consultant is starting a business where he’s offering people computer security consultations. Thus, another possible perk: Kevin gives one hour of free consultation. I pitched the idea to him and he seemed to think it was pretty cool. He also thought he might be able to come up with some other perks that are computer related.

    So, yeah. Today was a good day.