Returning to Creative Space

    The astounding success #ALGORITHM is having has people asking and me wondering what's next. I don't really have an answer for that. At first I thought I'd build on my reputation that #ALGORITHM has created for me. I have an idea that feels like it's a great next-step, but it leads somewhere I'm not sure I can go yet… mostly because I don't have the story tech worked out in a way that makes me happy. That may take time.

    But, beyond that, that need to 1-up ALGORITHM, to do better, that leaves me wondering if I can, which creates stress and stress is the worst enemy of creativity. It restricts blood-flow to the brain, instead sending it to muscles because our bodies interpret stress as damage. Recognizing that, I've decided, rather than launching from ALGORITHM to ALGORITHM2 [not the actual title], I'd return to the place, psychologically, that produced ALGORITHM in the first place.

    So, that's where I am. Sitting, recuperating. Allowing my mind to stop pouring itself out and start soaking things up again.