I've Finished ALGORITHM

    I’m doing some things right now that really represent closure for ALGORITHM. I’ll never be fully finished with it since I’ve still got to keep promoting it. I’ve also got to keep the sales side functioning and flag illegal version of it on Youtube. However, the days where ALGORITHM takes all my working time are over.

*          *          *

    As I type this I’m canceling my Adobe Creative Cloud membership. I’m doing this for quite a few reasons. I purchased Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 and most of the applications on it work just fine. I originally purchased the Creative Cloud in order to check it out and to get a program called Encore, which allowed me to author DVDs and Blu-rays.

    Since the Blu-rays and DVDs have all been replicated and since I’ve got images should I need to replicate more, I have no need for the suite.

    As a movie production suite, it’s okay. I don’t really like it. It’s major strength is PhotoShop and the moving version of Photoshop called AfterEffects. However, I got both of those programs in CS 5.5, so Creative Cloud is now entirely redundant.

    The other thing that bothers me is the notion of a subscription model for this product. It’s great for people just getting into the industry because it’s a really low cost of entry. However, for the long term, it just doesn’t make any sense. If I’ve got a program that does what I want, why would I change to something else? If there are new features that I could really use, I can get them. However, that’s far rarer than most tech companies would have us believe.

    Aside from all of that, I’ve been tending toward the Black Magic suite. Really, the whole video editing suite is about video, and Adobe’s color correction suite is awful. Black Magic’s Resolve 12 is amazingly powerful and is one of the industry standards for color correction. I know why now. Final Cut Pro X crushes Adobe, and Resolve leaves FCPX in the dust.

    As far as the actual editing features, most of them are really the same. Cutting, transitions, etc. can all be done pretty equally as well in all of the suites. Resolve isn’t just a better suite. It’s actually free, until you start wanting to edit in exotic formats or resolutions greater than 1080p, which I don’t see myself doing anytime soon.

    That said, I also think I’ll be shooting Intelligent Design on Black Magic’s URSA cameras. 15 stops of dynamic range is hard to argue against. The Red Epic does 17, but it also costs $70k instead of Black Magic’s $7k.

    The really cool thing about planning on using Black Magic cameras is that each one of them comes with a full, unrestricted version of Resolve. That pretty much sold me.

    There’s one other HUGE deal-killer for me with Adobe’s Creative Cloud. In order for it to work right, the computer it’s being used on must have an internet connection. I know enough about computer security to know that that’s unsafe and if it can be avoided, I’d like to avoid it. I’d like to have an air-gapped stand alone workstation. I don’t know how achievable it will be with the workflow I’m planning, but I know it would be entirely impossible with Adobe.

*          *          *

    The other thing I’m doing right now is backing up ALGORITHM, redundantly. That way I can safely remove it from my internal RAID. I’ve got my 20TB external RAID which I use to backup all my stuff. And I’ve got an external 4TB RAID which is more portable. ALGORITHM will be on both of those drives. Hopefully, eventually, the 4TB drive will be moved to some other location (read: friend’s house) but for now, it resides in my closet.