Snowden Over-Saturation

In the Christian/Jewish bible, there’s a a prophet called Isaiah who wrote a book. In the book, he recounts an out-of-body experience he had where he was brought before the throne of God and God asks Isaiah to the mission that will become the primary focus of his life. God asked Isaiah to preach about the Jew’s impending doom until they wouldn’t listen anymore, until they are totally saturated.

Eventually the Jews got so fed up with Isaiah that they cut him in half, with a saw. At least, that’s the rumor.

Feel what you like about the Bible, or Christians, or Jews, or Isaiah, for that matter. There is a valuable lesson in here, and one that requires our attention.

For the past year, we’ve been reading about Edward Snowden’s revelations. We’ve been getting fed horror after horror of the civil rights atrocities that the United States government has committed, both on it’s own citizens and the people of the world.

Nearly every single week, The Guardian shows us another Snowden Revelation. The Guardian even has a whole section devoted to the latest Snowden news.

There really can’t be a question as to the value of Snowden or what he’s done for the world. To call them invaluable would be an understatement.

Capitalism is built on a single fundamental principal: a thing’s/idea’s price is based on how much of it there is and how much people want it. It’s called supply and demand. If there’s too much supply, the price goes down. If there’s not enough, the price goes up.

Are we getting too much news from Snowden? How much do most people even care?

When I was casting for the roles in ALGORITHM, I asked actors if they’d ever heard of Edward Snowden. Most hadn’t. Of those who had, they didn’t care.

What do we risk by over-saturating the market with Snowden revelations? Will we, like the Jews in Isaiah’s time, want to kill Snowden. U.S. President Obama has already said he’d like that. But, what about the rest of us? Will Snowden eventually wake the rest of us up, or put even those who listen to sleep?