Steak and Fajitas

When people hear the word “hack” or “hacking” they instantly assume it’s related to computers. And, it usually is. Even my movie ALGORITHM is about computer hackers.

But, hacking isn’t just about computers. It’s about changing the world to make it the way you think it should be. That idea first really hit me after watching Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. I didn’t expect to like a long legal argument about the nuances of politics in mid 19th Century United States. But, I did. So I guess that makes Lincoln and Spielberg hackers. They both changed the world.

That’s not what this post is really about. This is a radical divergence from my normal style. Here, I’m going to share with you a recipe I discovered. It starts with steak (sorry vegan’s this one’s not for you).

Morton’s steak is good, and they sell it at Costco. Buy one. It’s the first ingredient.

I used to have a gas barbecue, but it broke in a way I didn’t feel it was safe to use. A few weeks prior, my older brother gave me a George Foreman Grill. I thought they sucked and were lame. I was wrong.

After thawing the steak, I cook it on the Foreman Grill. When the light turns off, I put the steak in. When it turns off again, I pull the steak out. 

Of course, that’s not enough. The Foreman Grill has it’s limits.

I then slice the steak into edible sizes and cook each new serving sized cuts, again. Light off, steak in. Light off again, steak out.

So, the first night is steak. Then, I store the steak in a bowl, in my fridge.

The next night, I cook some tortillas, which I buy uncooked from Costco. I slice some bell peppers and onions (I never buy produce from Costco as it has been… disappointing in the past) and I sauté them in olive oil. When they’re close to limp, I add the steak, which I’ve then sliced into strips. 

Then, I add a splash of Kikkoman Teriyaki sauce. I let all of them heat and let the juices mix.

Put the steak and veggies in the tortillas and you’ll be happy, if you like good, slightly sweet fajitas.