Kiev is on Fire

ALGORITHM centers around the exact kinds of the things that would normally be fodder for a revolution, as it shows up in the mysterious world of computer hackers.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine tweeted on February 17, 2014, “Kiev is on fire.” It was in the midst of a full-scale revolution. People were dying… or more accurately, people were being killed. 

But, that’s kinda old news to most people. Revolutions happens every day, all over the world. What’s the big deal about Kiev? Last week, it stopped being Kiev and started being Venezuela, only with Venezuela, it’s not a revolution. It’s the government attempting to stamp out the willpower of the people, through, you guessed it, persecution.


Until it’s time for you to revolt. Until you’ve decided your government has pushed you too far. Are we there yet? Only you can say. But, where is that line? And, what will a revolution look like when it happens in your country?

Democracy in the United States, at least in theory, allows for revolutions to be entirely bloodless. U.S. citizens have the right to kick out their elected officials and put new ones in. And, it can be anyone from anywhere, as long as they were born inside the United States and are a minimum age. Most people don’t know that. Most people think they have to be from one of two dominant political parties.

But, back to Kiev.

If you don’t care about Kiev, maybe you should. thinks this woman’s pretty concerned face will make it real for you.

Or maybe you’d prefer a link to a reputable news agency like Reuters, complete with apocalyptic video and some writing by Amy Tennery.

Or perhaps you’d like the words of the normally docile French government, which is now getting active, as mentioned by the Associate Press?

What was the form of Kiev’s government? How far did the people have to be pushed before they were willing to fight, suffer, and die for an idea called freedom? How many rights did they have taken from them? How uncomfortable did they have to get?



Since 02-17, Ukraine has been invaded by Russia. The U.S. and the U.N. have disagreed with Russia’s actions.