Is the CIA Out of Control?

The CIA was founded in 1947 as the U.S. intelligence agencies attempted to restructure , after President Truman broke up its predecessor the awkwardly named Office of Strategic Services. Truman most likely did this in an effort to avoid giving more power to what he called the “Military Industrial Complex.”

The United States has three branches of government, the Executive (the President), the Legislative (Senate and Congress), and the Judicial (the court system). Nowhere in there is there an intelligence branch. The reason for this is because the intelligence agencies are designed to be servants of the actual three branches.

I’m a bit reluctant to use that term, Military Industrial Complex, because it has, for too long, been the vocabulary of the extremists or conspiracy theorists. The fact that the U.S. President said it doesn’t affect that stigma.

But, as we have seen the past few years, the conspiracy theorists were not only not wrong, they weren’t weren’t thinking big enough.

Take the recent news being reported by the Associated Press, about how the CIA hacked the Senate’s intranet. This is an example of what’s now being called The Deep State on news shows as conservative as Moyers & Company on PBS.

When the intelligence agencies start working for their own sake, how should the government react? Or… let’s take it a step further: when the government starts acting for it’s own sake, how are it’s leaders, the people supposed to react?

Should we accept that the government is our leader? Should we demand that the government remember they are elected officials whose job it is to represent the people? Or, is this the death of another implementation of democracy that couldn’t never last, simply because human nature tends toward degradation?

In the words of Will, the anti-hero from ALGORITHM, “They’re a government contractor. In this country, that means they work for me.”