12-09-18 Pre-Production

    One of the reasons I don’t like waiting on other people is because I get kind of down when I’m not being artistically productive. That, by itself, should explain the lack of daily entries. Add to that the fact that nothing has really happened… That was yesterday.

    This morning I made an appointment with Miles. He told me he liked the script but that he’s got some issues with it. That’s perfect. It means he’s interested and thinking about it. He’s smart and a bit of a geek, so his notes will most likely be helpful. More valuable to me, though is that it means the general waiting period is almost over. Yea! So, that meeting is happening on Thursday.

    Immediately after the meeting with Miles, I’ll again be crashing the actor’s showcase to look for more talent. So far it’s been pretty good. I mean, there are a lot of great actors coming through this place. They’re just not right for the lead roles I’ve got available. There is one guy and I’m hopeful about that. But, the main reason I’m going is to find actors for the other four roles. And those are just the leads.

    Jeremy’s got a stand-up show tomorrow. I told him I’d help him get some good footage for either his reel or for a youtube short. Basically, whatever he wants the footage for. He also recently got accepted into a class at The Groundlings which is the Los Angeles comedy school from which most of the cast of Saturday Night Live has come. I love it when people I know and like succeed.

    I have an idea for a Kickstarter perk. One of the things that bothers me is how blithely some independent filmmakers throw around the title Producer. All the producers I know work harder than just about anyone else on the movie project. Yet, some people have simply given this title away as a perk.

    My idea is a solution. Rather than just handing out the title, that perk (which will either be $5k or $10k) is to train someone to actually produce at some level. I want to teach people how to promote a movie, how to book a location and how to sell out a theater. For this perk people will get special one-on-one training, then we will send them images of fliers, posters, postcards, etc., that they’ll hand out to people to promote the movie. Then they will keep the box office share (sans all my/star travel costs).

    The reason I’m bringing this up now is because I’m working on scheduling a meeting with someone who really knows how to do this: John Paul Rice. What I’ve seen him do with MOTHER’S RED DRESS is truly impressive. I hope to convince him to sign on for the one-on-one chats, as well as teaching me how to do it because, quite frankly, I’m learning this whole thing too.

    All of that to say, today is way better than the previous couple weeks.