12-09-15 Pre-Production

    One of my plans has been to work with some name actors, not because they’re famous, but because they’re good, and when the audience sees them, they’re going to come with certain preconceptions, which I would then turn on their heads to better ask the questions central to THE ROOT KIT. My older brother Paul has college buddy who married a casting director. Paul reached out to the CD, who called me earlier last week. When I told her what I had been thinking and why, she said that getting stars at my budget (currently $44k) was not possible.

    This was both bad and good. It was bad because my aforementioned emotional manipulation was foiled. But, it’s good because now I don’t have to worry and wait to try and secure the star, nor do I have to deal with the scheduling headaches that would surely arise if I need to shoot TRK over a series of months instead of consecutively. That’s kind of the way my brain deals with crises or problems. They can be seen either as something bad or as something that allows me to take another direction. That perspective makes me a much easier person to work with because I rarely become exasperated.

*          *          *

     Miles has yet to get back to me on whether he wants to be involved in the script. I understand that he’s a busy guy, and that he’s currently working on a big budget indie film and that those kinds of things are ripe with problems that need to be solved. I also get that my script doesn’t follow the traditional Hero’s Journey, that it’s not between 80-120 pages, that it doesn’t necessarily follow the 3-Act structure as prescribed by Sid Fields, and that it was not written in Final Draft, but in Scrivener, which means the formatting isn’t exactly what people are used to reading. I understand that all of those things are possible blocks for someone considering signing on. Even so, I have a plan for going into production.

    If Miles does sign on and needs more time to do his producer thing, that’s cool. But, I’m not willing to spend a month waiting on an answer. That’s a conversation I’m going to have this week. I’m not looking forward to it since I’m not really a confrontational person. But, I will not allow TRK to be in development hell, ever. It is my primary occupation and it will continue moving forward.

    That said, there was one good thing about waiting on Miles to decide: I was forced to put some of the momentum aside and take a bit of a break. I think I really needed it, especially with the scope of actually making TRK. I’m going to need every ounce of energy for what’s ahead.

     On the train continuing to move forward, I’m still trying to cast five of the lead eight roles. That means I’ll be attending more actors’ showcases. I might even post it on Mandy.com if I haven’t found who I need by the end of the week.