12-09-08 Pre-Production

    Easily the biggest news of last week was casting Faye Mata as Bitchan. I met with Faye; she’s awesome and perfect for the role. The best part is, she’s not just good looking, she’s also very smart… and a geek. We talked about the role, about what she thought of the script and what she thought Bitchan’s motivations were in a few scenes. Her instincts matched my own view, with a couple points of diversion that were easily resolved. I’m excited to see Bitchan come to life in the form of Faye Mata.

*          *          *

    For TRK, I want to work with SAG. The problem is, my funding model and shooting schedule doesn’t really lend itself to the way they do business. My first instinct was to just do my project and screw SAG. But, the possibility of hurting the actors who commit to TRK… well, that’s not something I’m even gonna go near. I value the people with whom I work. These actors, they’re not just numbers or roles to me, they are people I like, people I want to see succeed and I’m going to work hard to not just protect them, but to shine a spotlight on their talents and show them to the world! So, burning their relationship with SAG isn’t an option.

    Enter the SAG New Media Agreement. Yes, it’s SAG, but the rules are far less stringent. At this point, I don’t know if I’m going to release TRK in the theaters or if it will only be online. And… that’s exactly what the New Media Agreement is designed for. It allows me to work with SAG actors and non-SAG, while still affording me the creative flexibility I need to make TRK my way.

    I met with Miles. In fact, he’s the one who suggested the New Media Agreement to me. Even though he hasn’t signed on yet (he’s an extremely busy guy and hasn’t even had time to read the script), he’s already hooking me up.

    There are over 50 locations in TRK. Yeah… that’s a lot. Doubly so for an independent movie. So, while I’m still tweaking the script, casting, planning the Kickstarter campaign, and trying to assemble a crew, I’m also scouting and securing locations (FYI: the term “secure” in relation to a location means I got or am seeking permission to film at the location).

    My friend Wade owns a coffee shop in Long Beach called Lord Windsor Roasters. Two the scenes in TRK take place in two different coffee shops. One of those (in the script it’s called “CASUAL COFFEE SHOP”) is now secured .

    There is also a call for an upscale office, a room with a bunch of computer work stations, and two rooms in a beach-front mansion. Last week I got all of those. Granted, that’s not even close to the total number of locations, but it’s progress and that makes me happy.

    The final thing, which actually happened first, is that I posted a list of roles and their status, whether their available or if they’ve been cast, who is playing that role.

*          *          *

    I’m doing something I’ve never seen before with the domain name for THE ROOT KIT. Since I own it, and I manage the hosting, I direct the URL to whatever is most important to the production at the time. When I first bought it, it pointed to a page summarizing the status of the project. Now, it points to the casting page. During the Kickstarter, it will point to the campaign page. So, the only URL people need to remember is www.therootkit.com.