12-08-29 Pre-Production

    There is a small computer recently built about the size of a credit card called a Raspberry Pi. It costs about $40 and there’s a six month wait list to get one. Mine came in the mail today. I’ll be using it as part of the Can-of-Worm prop, and then it will go to Kaiser. It’s a pretty amazing little piece of technology.

*          *          *

    I finished version 1.0 of TRK this morning. When I hit save, officially ending the rough drafts, I felt a whole lot of the stress that had been building lift off me. I have to say, I’m really happy with where it’s at. There are some parts that can be improved, but it’s very close… close enough to start showing the other people I want to be involved.

    By that, I mean the producer Miles. He’s the first person who got sent a copy. Naturally, he’s a busy guy, so he’s not going to have time to read it until this weekend. That’s a good thing for two reasons: 1) It means Miles is legit and working; 2) It gives me a few days to relax until I start moving forward with the rest of pre-production.

*          *          *

    My next step is to do a character summary of each of the eight leads in the movie, and post them on my website. Then, tweet the link, along with the notification that I’m now casting for the remaining roles. I’ll give it a week on my site, then I’m going to post them on Mandy.com along with the other casting websites, actorsaccess.com, lacasting.com, etc.

*          *          *

    I had lunch with Jeremy today. As I mentioned, he’s a great guy and he’s cast as Harold Dempsey. He also does some web videos on his own, which means he’s actively pursuing his dream of a career. He and I spoke about how I started making movies, the general feel of TRK and how I know I can do what I’m planning. We then talked about his project. I told him I would help him in whatever way I can. He told me he might be filming another one of his episodes and if that’s the case, I’m going to show him how to get great picture and sound.

    He also has some hookups with a few of the locations I’ll need for TRK. So, that’s cool. All in all, it’s been a pretty good day.

*          *          *

    Oh, I almost forgot. Yesterday afternoon, after I did the entry, I met with Lawyer (I can’t say “my lawyer” because all her work with me is pro bono because she can’t legally be associated with me—I break too many laws. Also, I can’t afford her). She told me I should really try to get the permission of the owners of the trademarks that will be appearing in TRK, or the names of companies mentioned. Another option is, use generic stuff, or don’t show the logo. Yet a third option is frame the shots in such a way so as it’s not obvious what exactly is happening. 

    Finally, I can form an Limited Liability Corporation that owns TRK, which has TRK as its only asset. That way, when any corporation sues TRK LLC, all they get is the movie, which will have been released prior to the suit via Bit Torrent. 

    That’s what I’ll call the Nuclear Option. I don’t want to do it because it’s really twisting the law and I like to not break the law when possible. Also, the companies that own the trademarks work really hard to make great products. That’s why I want to feature them in my movie in the first place. The last thing I’d want to do is make people mad who have made me so happy. But, it’s all a part of the greater vision, on which I will not compromise.

    Lawyer also recommended I not mention that almost all the hacks in TRK are real because, technically, it’s a federal offense to break into computers. She said she has clients (she was not specific as to who or what they had done, so no disbarring her) who have gotten into trouble doing something similar. My solution is to say that while all the hacks are simulated, all of them are real, except two, which have not been accomplished, but are theoretically possible.