12-08-16 Pre-Production

    I pick up today where I left off yesterday, the meeting with H. We had made an appointment two days ago to meet today. I contacted him this morning to confirm it. H’s main problem is that he can’t commit. I’ve worked with him as an actor and he couldn’t commit to the role. There were days when he didn’t know his lines, some days he couldn’t show up until late in the day, forcing me to shoot much faster than I would have preferred. It’s like the man just doesn’t know what he wants.

    Knowing what I did, it was probably foolish of me to even ask him to produce. And, my shock when he told me he had chosen to help a friend with a computer problem rather than pursue what he claims to be his dream, a career in Hollywood, cemented my feelings. I’m going to have to fire him. I will pay him for the one day he worked with me. 

    The thing is, with movies, everyone has to bring their best the entire time. Anything short of that results in the production of bad art. Any failure of any one part at any time in the process means that whatever was happening at the time of the failure either has to be redone or cut entirely. The fact that H flake on me means I can’t trust him and I only work with people I can trust.

    The crappy thing is, if he had made the meeting today, I was going to tell him how I was feeling and give him the opportunity to keep working on TRK, provided that he was willing to adjust his attitude. That is no longer an option.

*           *           *

    The emotions going through my soul today about this whole thing really brought me down. I didn’t write anything. I didn’t edit anything. And at the dentist, I found out I had a cavity. So, it hasn’t been the best of days.

    But, tomorrow is another chance to work hard and live in the hope that TRK will continue.